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Black River Falls loves our fire igniters

Folks across the nation love our safe, clean fire starters. Read what some satisfied customers have to say – from beginner grillers to competitive chefs cooking at high altitude! Our fire starters provide no-flare, clean-burning flames to fuel your summer adventures!

The one to trust

We always use Fire Liters to start the charcoal when we use our Dutch Ovens, whether it is at 9,000 feet in the mountains of Colorado or for our annual fish fry....  The Fire Lighters let us get the coals burning quickly so they are ready when we need them. We got first place thanks to Fire Liters.
– Patricia Franks

Great product

Great product, makes starting a fire in the woodstove so easy! Even my mom can start fires now. Thanks!
– Merinda Knight

We're feeling the love

Thanks for introducing us to Fire Liters. Can hardly wait to use them this week! What a great idea! 
– ‎Bob & Connie, Dickerson's Lake Florida Resort

I love Fire Liters!
– ‎Stephen Cohen‎ 

I love Fire Liters for the fireplace. They're clean, smell wonderful, and work great.
– ‎Sandy Franks‎
Try them for yourself!
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