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Non-toxic fire starters in Black River Falls and beyond

We're proud of quality products, because when you're dealing with an open flame, quality equals safety. We even go a step further to ensure that when you buy from Fire Liters, Inc. you're not only making the choice to protect yourself, but also the environment.

Go anywhere

Fire starters from Fire Liters, Inc. have an unlimited shelf life. That's right -- unlimited. All without the risk of a bad taste, odor, or leaking or spilling. Even if you accidentally get them wet, our fire starters are waterproof and ready to handle your next camping trip or cookout.

Safe for all

Our product comply with the strictest standards for non-toxic, clean-burning, which in the United States means the California Air Quality Act. No matter where you're using our fire starters, each one is safe, non-flaring, non-toxic, and held to the highest quality.

Support the local guys

Lots of companies claim to be "local." We take that claim seriously around here, so we don't just make our products right here in Black River Falls. We also ensure with our suppliers that everything from the raw material to the packaging is made in the U.S.A. Our fire starters are also made from 100% recycled materials, and there are few products out there who can claim both of those quality standards.
Fire Liters, Inc fire on the beach
Take a fire starter for your next outdoor cookout!
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